About Dayton Addiction Rehab and Recovery


Our Dayton rehab center offers different levels of treatment, so we can work with you to tailor a unique, individualized treatment plan that fits you and your specific needs. These include medical detox that alleviates symptoms of drug and alcohol withdrawal, inpatient rehab, intensive outpatient rehab, partial hospitalization, and standard outpatient rehab at our rehabs in Ohio.

Our rehab facilities are made with our patients’ comfort in mind, and our staff provides personalized care that ensures you are treated as a person, not as a stereotype. We know every patient’s journey is different, and we take your individual experiences and your unique history with addiction into consideration when creating your treatment plan.


We provide you the support and the tools you need to have a stable recovery that leads to sustained sobriety. With individual alcohol and drug counseling, you will dive into the underlying causes and motivations of your addiction. During group therapy, we help you identify triggers and give you coping mechanisms to ease your transition back into real life. Our facility is a place of discovery. While we get to know you, you also get to know yourself. Understanding why you became addicted will allow for a steady recovery and a lower chance of relapse.

After your time at our rehabilitation center is over, we continue to offer you counseling and guidance. At Dayton Rehab Center, you are never without a solid support system. You will never be alone. We are committed to your recovery for life, just like you are.

Recovery Starts Here. Call us today to take the first step. 937-262-4662