Wellness programs are an essential part of any addiction treatment plan. After all, the point of addiction treatment is to identify and address all of the factors that contribute to the disease. And, while psychological and physical therapies are what most people associate with addiction care, wellness activities are just as crucial in the recovery process. At Dayton Addiction Rehab and Recovery, our local Dayton drug and wellness program is the cornerstone of our patient success.

Why Choose Our Dayton Drug and Wellness Program?

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) has long emphasized that wellness programs are critical for success in addiction recovery. When patients learn how to utilize exercise, nutrition, and other forms of bodily wellness into their long-term recovery plan, the desire to return to substance use is drastically reduced. In other words, treatment and recovery plans that include wellness programs help patients stave off their cravings and maintain good health.

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How to Customize Your Dayton Drug and Wellness Program

Any given patient’s needs in addiction recovery depend on the patient, the substance, the history of use, and many other factors. This is why most, if not all, addiction treatment and recovery programs are customizable. The same can be said for wellness programs. Since wellness programs are structured to meet the needs and goals of individual patients, the following steps can help you customize your wellness program.

Talk to the Supervising Medical Staff About Your Long-term Wellness Needs

Once you have entered rehab, you can discuss your treatment options with the supervising medical staff after the intake process. Any specific health needs you have, as well as any unique recovery goals that you have in mind, will have been recorded during that time and can help mold your treatment plan. Some other information that may be pertinent in building your recovery and wellness program might include:

  • Co-occurring psychological conditions (i.e., dual diagnosis)
  • Fluctuations in weight caused or exacerbated by substance use
  • Nutritional deficiencies caused or exacerbated by substance use
  • Physical ailments or injuries caused or exacerbated by substance use

With this (or similar) information, the supervising medical staff can help you build an effective treatment and wellness plan based on your individual needs.

Determine What Your Recovery Needs Are

Not everyone who enters rehab will know what they need for a successful, long-term recovery. By discussing some of the details outlined in your intake evaluation, the treatment staff can help you figure out what areas of your health need the most help. This may include things like your immune system, diet and nutrition, physical activity (i.e., exercise), and more.

Depending on what the staff deems necessary for your overall wellness, your personalized program may consist of specialized treatments like:

  • An exercise plan or fitness regimen
  • A special diet and/or meal schedule
  • Biofeedback therapy (i.e., physiological functions training)

Consider Alternative or Holistic Therapies

While the treatments listed above are incredibly popular among patients in addiction recovery, some patients respond more positively to a more holistic treatment approach. Alternative therapies, or holistic therapies, have high rates of success among recovery patients both during and after rehab. These tend to include:

These and similar types of treatments have been shown to increase patient self-confidence, drive, and overall happiness. It is important to note, however, that holistic plans like the ones listed above yield the best results as a compliment to more traditional therapies. In other words, they shouldn’t outright replace programs like group therapy or individual counseling.

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Want to Learn More About Our Dayton Drug and Wellness Program?

Following a wellness program during active addiction recovery requires planning, coordination, and dedication. By incorporating wellness techniques into your personalized treatment plan, you can capture the confidence and motivation you’ll need to maintain your recovery once rehab is complete.

Remember, recovery goes beyond getting sober. It’s also about making manageable improvements to your lifestyle so that you can get and stay healthy. This is why we implement personalized wellness programs into our standard treatment and recovery plans; to support every area of your health as your body heals itself from the inside out.

If you are committed to ending your addiction and would like to learn more about our Dayton drug and wellness program, please call us at 937-262-4662.