The addiction recovery process is different for everyone and there is no guarantee that it will be an easy journey. Still, the journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step— even in recovery. And, in recovery, the first step is acknowledging the problem. At Dayton Addiction Rehab, we recognize that the first step of rehab can be difficult. But, reaching sobriety through a rehab Dayton Ohio program is always possible with the right willpower, effort, and peer support. The process of denying, considering, and then finally finding treatment is outlined in the Stages of Change. Which stage are you in?

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Stage One: Pre-Contemplation

Sometimes, the signs of a drug or alcohol addiction aren’t clear right away. However, most of the time, they are extremely hard to miss. In fact, some of the most common signs of an addiction are the most obvious, including:

  • legal issues
  • loss of control
  • relentless denial
  • financial problems
  • broken or failing relationships
  • obsessive thoughts or behavior
  • any physical signs (i.e., shakiness, weight loss, etc.)

If you are in the pre-contemplation stage, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you don’t see the signs. Many people in this stage recognize the need for change but just aren’t ready for it yet. When you start giving serious thought into getting help, it marks the transition into the next stage: contemplation.

Stage Two: Contemplation

The contemplation stage, the second in the Stages of Change, is riddled with “what if” thoughts about the future. This is the stage where most substance users start to question whether or not they need to quit their habits. As such, it is also the stage in which the most interventions take place.

If you are in the contemplation stage, you’re probably weighing the pros and cons of quitting your substance use. At this point, you may have probably already spoken with your loved ones about your substance use problem— or are planning to soon. You are probably also more open to the idea of entering treatment than you were before. In fact, making the decision to act is what marks the transition into the third stage: preparation.

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Stage Three: Preparation

Since this stage marks the beginning of a new-found commitment to long-term change, a lot of people in the recovery community consider it the first real step toward recovery. In this stage, people step back and avoid the negative people, places and things that once drove their harmful habits.

If you have entered the preparation stage, then you’re probably in the process of researching your rehab options. If not, then you should be. Entering treatment without knowing what to expect can make the recovery process needlessly challenging. Plus, the next stage of change is the one that truly drives change: action.

Stage Four: Action

The fourth stage is the one that most people tend to think of in regards to getting sober. After all, any form of change requires action. And, when it comes to recovery, this stage marks the start of a physical commitment. So, if you’ve entered the fourth stage of change, then you have actually entered treatment and have quit substance use.

During treatment and the second to last Stage of Change, you will be able to unlearn poor habits and practice new, healthy ones. You’ll probably also make some new friends in the process! Still, this isn’t the end of the recovery journey. You will still have to be diligent in your new habits so as to avoid relapse. This is why the fifth and final stage of change is a lifelong commitment: maintenance starting with our rehab Dayton Ohio program. 

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Stage Five: Maintenance

Whether you do inpatient or outpatient treatment, you will have to return to your daily routine eventually. When you do, it’s imperative that you carry the lessons you’ve learned in treatment with you. You’ll have to apply those lessons to your everyday life in order to maintain your sober lifestyle. Remember, the point of rehab isn’t just to get sober. Rather, it’s about getting and staying sober so you can make other positive changes in your life.

The Fourth Stage of Change at Our Rehab Dayton Ohio Program

If you or a loved one are struggling with addiction and are contemplating treatment, then call Dayton Addiction Rehab today at 937-262-4662 to learn more about our rehab Dayton Ohio program.